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The glasses John Lennon wore when he got shot, 31 years ago.

i will always reblog this i dont know there is just something so powerful about this image

i think it’s because death just clears your vision. nothing is permanent. the blood spattered over the lenses will go, and someday, the last person to remember John Lennon will die. and his legacy will be lost forever. 
❝ I wish you were in this room with me right now. I wish I could put my arms around you. I wish I could touch you. ❞

— Her (2013)

❝ fucking idiot ❞

— me to me (via v-ws)

Baguette time yeeeeee.

“I worry about the day they start to want things that I can’t afford.” (Shaqlawa, Iraq)


It’s a “Fevers & Mirrors” kind of afternoon.

Jk my real god. #hodduk #fatedtoloveyou #koreanversion #iwillbowdowntoyou #ily #mostimportantlyhodduk #ily5evar
My lord and savior for the past two months here in korea. #friedchicken #kyochon #bokbok #moo #무  (at 교촌치킨)
It all started with a handful of miscommunications and ended with a person burning a bridge.